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How We Run Things: Returns/Exchanges & Shipping 

Hey there, art enthusiast! Ready to unravel the mysteries of getting your mitts on some Kaitie Ryan masterpieces? Read on for the deets!

Make Sure It’s Perfect! What’s the Scoop on Returns?

  • How the Flip Do I Return Something? - Easyyyy! Just shoot us an email at hello@hellokaitie.com with the lowdown on what’s up with your print.
  • What’s the Grouse Policy on Returns? - You're gonna love this straightforward gem! If your print arrives decked or there's been an oopsie, snap a few photos, send 'em our way, and we'll sort you out with a primo replacement. No take-backs on personalized prints, though. They’re all yours!
  • Gimme Dem Cash! How do I Get a Refund? - Alright, if you're all outta love for your art, we'll slide that dosh back onto your credit card quicker than you can say "modern renaissance." Expect your funds back within 14 days.

Shakin’ up the Shipping Game: What's the Deal with Delivery?

  • When Can I Expect the Postal Ninja to Arrive? - Patience is a virtue that art lovers will have to learn. Our usual drill is a zen-like 1-3 day processing period, then another 5-7 days in transit with Australia Post. Time to bust out the adult coloring books!
  • Who's Weaving the Web of Delivery? - For local legends, it’s Australia Post. International voyages call for various shipmates that make the round depending on where you’re hanging your hat.
  • Can I Stalk My Precious on the Mysterious Journey? - Damn straight! We’ll sling over your tracking digits and choice deets once we’ve sent your bundle of joy off into the sunset. Keep that inbox peeled!

Pausing Your Art Adventure - Here's the Lowdown on Cancellations

  • Change of Plans? I Wanna Bail – Can I Do That? - Life is full of plot twists, but decisions are only reversible up until the package joins its journey. Speedy cancellation requests can be chucked our way at hello@hellokaitie.com with your order shift.

Extra Queries That Need Quirky Solves

  • Who’re the Rad Peeps That Have My Back? - Our Customer Support squad rocks – underworldly issues with the art world are never off the table. They're at your beck and call like an artist to their muse at hello@hellokaitie.com.
  • Why's My Print Throwin' a Tantrum? - If your beauty has a blemish or you’ve got the wrong shade of cool, hit us up for a chat at hello@hellokaitie.com. Troubleshooting’s an art, and we've got it down to a T.

Phew! That was an FAQ sprint, wasn't it? Good thing clarity doesn't need to be boring. But hey, if we missed a beat or you have an itch for art that only we can scratch, don't be shy – shoot us a message at hello@hellokaitie.com, and we'll sort ya out. Peace, love, and art, out!


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